Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tips to find best website hosting company

Each website when developed needs to be hosted somewhere so that it can be accessed and viewed by everyone. For this purpose the website is hosted on a server and this aspect of hosting on the server is called website hosting.

Different types of hosting services:

Hosting services are available in different types and each of them possesses their own set of characteristics. Some of the most popular India hosting packages is based on linux, php,joomla, wordpress and oscommerce hosting.

Why we need hosting services?

Hosting services are required to host a website successfully so that a respective website can be viewed and accessed by a large number of people. It is important to choose a web hosting company in India that is able to provide superior quality and reliable service through a wide range of features required to run a website successfully. Web hosting providers offer hosting services depending on the technology being used for developing a particular website. Content management solutions such as Wordpress, Joomla and OS commerce require hosting that can cater to their respective requirements and offer all the features that are specific to wordpress, joomla and OS commerce.

Common features of web hosting:

There are a number of hosting tips that needs to be kept in mind when selecting the right kind of hosting package because good hosting depends on various factors. Some of the important features of a trustworthy hosting service include:
  • Disk space: You would need to figure out how much disk space would be required to host your website on the server.
  • Bandwidth: The amount of bandwidth required is also of immense importance because this determines how many visitors can be allowed to visit your website. Ideally most web hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth that does allow a large number of visitors.
  • Control panel: You should also figure out if you are getting a control panel, which would allow you to make changes to your website in a dynamic environment.
Responsibilities of web hosting providers:

It is important to figure out if the web hosting providers in India are aware about the kind of responsibilities they need to carry out. This means that the web hosting company needs to fulfill certain criteria for providing reliable web hosting services. There are many web hosting reseller providers who also offer a gamut of hosting services. Some of the features one needs to look for in a really good web hosting company are:
  • The company should be able to offer unlimited disk space, which would allow you to upload videos, audio, images etc. Most top web hosting companies will ensure you get unlimited access to disk space.
  • The leading web hosting companies offer the benefit of booking unlimited domains under a single account. This removes the hassle of having to worry about creating multiple accounts.
  • Another important aspect is unlimited bandwidth, which determines how many visitors can access your website and it is important that any good and responsible web hosting company is able to offer that.
  • Your website should always be functional and not face any kind of a downtime. Hence, most of the top web hosting companies offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%


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