Thursday, January 13, 2011

Important Aspects of Web Hosting Security

Website hosting security is of paramount importance, as it is required to save it from hackers or any kind of threat. There are different aspects to web hosting security that one always needs to keep in mind when choosing a secure web hosting plan. Also professional web hosting company offers you this types of hosting plan for your website

SFTP: Referred to as Secure File Transfer Protocol, this is an updated and a secure variation of FTP. Since the functional FTP is not completely secure therefore SFTP offers an additional layer of security. SFTP uses the government standard 128-bit encryption to encrypt the file so that an outsider does not intercept it.

SSL: Also known as Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is very important for any kind of an ecommerce website. SSL helps in keeping all kinds of critical information absolutely private such as credit card and bank account data, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. SSL provides a high level of security that ensures your customers can without any worry conduction online transactions through your ecommerce website. In the absence of SSL certification, your website loses credibility and makes it susceptible to errors and hackers. Most web hosting providers in India offer SSL certification to ensure your website gets complete web hosting security.

Data backups: Though most are aware of getting a backup of their computer’s hard disk, not many know that it is also important to create a backup of your website files. Since a lot of effort goes into creating a website, therefore it becomes essential to save the data in case it is hacked by a hacker or is infected with a virus attack.

List virus that affect hosting

There are different types of virus that can drastically affect the functioning of your website. Not many people are aware that there is a direct link between the web browser and the hard disk. Whenever any one browses or performs any action through web browser it also gets stored in the hard drive too. Despite deleting the cookies and the temporary files, there are still chances that some part of the hard disk will still contain that information and it can easily be retrieved through powerful recovery software. Therefore it is important to use a program that can scan and securely delete these files otherwise someone can install a virus such as Trojan remotely and access sensitive information. Trojan is one such virus which when gets installed sends information to the owner of the virus to control your machine and make changes to the registry. Some hackers even record each and every keystsroke, which means they have direct access to various passwords.

Security tips for web hosting account

There are a number of steps that one can take to ensure their website account is completely secure at all times. Following these couple of tips will go a long way in completely security for your website.
  • The first step is to ensure a secure password is always chosen whether it is for your FTP account, bank account, hosting account, credit card account etc. It is always advisable to create a password with at least minimum of 8 characters, which should contain both lower and upper case and alpha numeric characters.
  • In order to provide complete web hosting security, it is important to secure your FTP account completely. Either you can choose to access it for really short period of time or even restrict access through IP address.
  • It is also important to follow proper email etiquette and not open any kind of spoof mail, which may be disguised as a mail from a hosting company.
  • In case of using third party software such as Joomla or Wordpress, it is important to ensure that the software updates are regularly conducted and you always install the latest software releases. Always fine the best wordpress hosting providers who gives you best security tools like anti virus etc
Web hostign security is most important for any successful business. Always choose best web hosting providers who provides all above security option

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