Thursday, March 3, 2011

Managed & Unmanaged Web Hosting Which Is Better? JFAC5PWQR5QS

People always confused about managed and dedicated hosting but its one type of internet hosting services through which you can access entire hosting server means it’s not shared with others. While unmanaged hosting means shared web hosting means many website hosts on one hosting server and each site having their own partition on hosting server and this is best economical option for small business owner or user who want hosting account for their simple and dynamic website having limited features.

Unmanaged (Shared) Hosting Disadvantages
  1. Shared hosting not support SSL (https). Same IP used in shared hosting service and all having same digital certificate. But some website hosting providers force their customers to get unique IP in order to set up HTTPS for their website
  2. It creates the problems of resources means if your site having lost of traffic then you resource shared by others one might be harmful to you in shared hosting services.
  3. Also you don’t have to permission to maintain your server or any program which is run on your hosting server as well as you don’t download any program that run on your hosting server.
  4. Finally shared hosting reduced security level to your website.
After reading disadvantages of shared web hosting then you think which hosting type is better and its answer is managed hosting means dedicated server hosting and how read below then you got.

Dedicated Server Hosting in which you get your control on hosting server also you can install your desired applications and software on hosting server. Generally website hosting providers offer dedicated hosting services for both windows and linux platforms.

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