Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is VPS hosting the right choice for you?

In the most simple of terms web hosting refers to the concept that you lease a space on the server to host your website. Once your website is hosted on a server it can be viewed by people anywhere in the world. There are of course professional service providers who specialize in offering professional website hosting. They give you the option to choose from a variety of different web hosting plans to ensure you pick the one that suits your requirements. In order to know which website hosting plan you may have to choose it is a good idea to get accustomed with the various plans available.

Shared Web Hosting: This particular hosting plan means that your hosting account is shared on a server with many websites.

VPS web hosting: This particular hosting plan allows absolute freedom because the resources are independently allocated to you and it is almost like owning your own hosting account.

Dedicated Server hosting: In this type of hosting you would be able to take on lease the entire server and would not need to share it with anyone else.

Reseller Web hosting: As a reseller host you can use the resources as much as you want and the remaining resources you can further rent it out to your customers.

What is VPS hosting and its importance?

VPS web hosting refers to the technology where a server is partitioned into a number of virtual servers but the functions performed are completely independent. The virtual server has its own operating system and each function on CPU and RAM that is not shared with others.

Benefits of VPS web hosting

The benefits of VPS web hosting are undoubtedly many as one gets to use independent set of resources at costs that are considerably lesser when compared to a dedicated server. A lot of businesses are gaining from taking a VPS web hosting account and some of the major benefits of using such an account are as follows:
  • VPS hosting account is immensely secure and it does help in minimizing the risks of hackers attacking your website.
  • THe flexibility to install any kind of an application without having any impact on the websites of the other users is also another great advantage.
  • With this type of hosting you can enjoy complete control over your account and customize and add technical features as and when you like.
  • Another benefit of using VPS is that it truly allows you to enjoy hassle free service because you have the flexibility to do what you like within your own secure hosting environment


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  3. VPS is the best hosting compared to dedicated hosting as it offers many kinds of functions than others.
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