Thursday, March 31, 2011

Benefit of Dedicated Hosting then Shared Hosting

When you see the price of any hosting plan then you found that shared hosting prices are low then other hosting services and why not if you are beginner and want start up online business then this one is good option for your dude. But when your business is growing day to day and you then this hosting type is suitable to you? I don’t thinks so. But as per my way dedicated hosting is the best hosting option for you when your business boundaries are spreading day to day

If you are small business owner and not capable to spend more money behind hosting plan and only just start up your business then cheap php hosting is the best option for you coz this hosting services offers you latest tools like shopping cart, payment gateway system and 24 back up facilities

Okie if you have budgetary constraints and confuse for choosing shared hosting or VPS hosting then I advised your choose VPS website hosting instead of shared web hosting why coz VPS hosting is one type of dedicated server hosting and its best option to placed your website on secured hosting server. In dedicated hosting you get your own hosting server from website hosting provides instead of web host’s common web server also no one can harm your hosting server. Once when you think your business is increasing rapidly and you want to add more and more services then this VPS hosting is the best coz on virtual private server each partition behave as separate server so you don’t face website loading problem and as per SEO concern if you site lording time is more then you lost your valuable customer which happen with shared web hosting services.

Dedicate server hosting is the best option for online shopping cart or for that website which having multiple business transaction in some hours coz dedicated hosting provides you total security then other hosting types.

You can get more and more benefits with using dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting
  1. You can get more and more web spaces and bandwidth which feet with your requirement
  2. You can upgrade your web hosting bandwidth once you have purchased hosting and this is important for your business online web traffic
  3. You can get additional high level security services with dedicated hosting
  4. In dedicate hosting you can upload any program or run any tools on your hosting server
  5. If you want high level security which prevent stolen your useful information during your business transaction time then dedicated hosting is the best options
Finally when you moving shared hosting to dedicated hosting services then you can get all above benefits of dedicated hosting so thinks twice about dedicated hosting during choosing hosting plan purchase


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