Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reliable Forum Hosting Companies

Did you ever thought of installing forum into your website? Perhaps you should. A forum serves several types of benefits as it gives you the ability to publish valuable information and allows your audience to leave feedback as well. You need special web hosting for forums, Here we have compiled a list of Reliable Forum Hosting Companies. Check it out:

Hosting OnWeb

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Affordable Web Hosting Company in India

Hosting OnWeb offering one of the best forum hosting plans, which is based on phpBB forum platform and is a kind of free flat-forum bulletin board software solution. Through PHPBB forum hosting package you get access to hundreds of different style and images that allows you to customize your forum according to your preferences. It is aware of all the various features required to launch a successful forum and equipped to professionally manage all kinds of different forum requirements. Hosting OnWeb offering forum hosting plan like Budget hosting, Business hosting & Deluxe hosting as per your requirement and it starts with $2.99.


iPage is a well known forum host – it allows you to easily host and manage a fair sized discussion board. It charges around $4.50 per month inclusive of a free domain. It also comes with a good number of tools that further allow management of the forum to take place with ease.


When it comes to budget forum hosting, JustHost is definitely the choice – it charges $3.50 per month and comes with a good number of features – not to mention both space and bandwidth being unlimited. It also has a good number of free marketing tools and credits worth around 100 USD.


A breeze of fresh air when it comes to forum hosting, FatCow prides itself as a ‘green host’ – an environment friendly and energy efficient web host. But that doesn’t definitely mean that it cuts down on any services – on the contrary it provides even better service that includes a free domain as well as the opportunity to win a car by signing up with FatCow. FatCow’s monthly rate is $4.67.


HostMonster has been around on the internet for some time now and has established itself as a Best Forum Hosting company. It charges around 5.92 USD per month – this comes with a free domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth as well as free transfer from another web host.


Lastly on our best forum hosts, Web Hosting Hub charges 4.95$ per month – this comes with a free domain. But what makes this worthwhile is the fact that the domain isn’t simply free for 1 year, its free for a lifetime as long as the user stays with Web Hosting Hub as a forum host.

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