Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Daddy's Intrloduce New Girl in 2011 for Commercial

"Go Daddy" is known for their cheap web hosting. Who are we kidding? They are known for the hot girls on their commercials. Everyone loves a go daddy girl. They even had Jillian Michaels on a commercial this year. Danica Patrick has been in several of their commercials.

Who will the new go daddy girl be this year? The Super Bowl will let us meet a new girl in a commercial that they paid $3 million for so they can show us a 30 second ad. They say the ads are going to be sexy and that everyone knows this girl.

They are planning to do it the same way they always do where you see the start of the commercial on TV. To see the rest, you must go to their website. This is a good way to get people on the site and make back part of that $3 million they spent.

So who will this new sexy go daddy girl be? Find out on by watching the Super Bowl commercials live during the game on Fox Network in the Oklahoma City area. This is channel 25 on Dish Network.

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