Monday, January 24, 2011

Windwos vs Linux Website Hosting Services

Linux hosting is open source operating systems that works on the principal where anyone can download the software for free and start use it as per one’s requirements. Linux website hosting is considered to be quite secure and reliable since it is free therefore the chances of being hacked or attacked are quite less.

What is windows web hosting? What are its features?

Windows hosting belongs to Microsoft and it uses the Windows software as the host server. Windows hosting requires proper licensing and it is not free and cannot be downloaded and used. Also windows web hosting enables one to primarily work with Microsoft’s products and services. One needs to use windows technologies such as ASP or ASP.NET to create and run websites on windows hosting.

Limitation of window hosting

There are a number of limitations with windows hosting and hence one of the reasons why not many web hosting providers will choose Linux website hosting over windows.
  • One of the reasons is that it is not free and you need to purchase a license to use windows hosting.
  • Secondly windows hosting has limited support for CGI/Pearl and therefore it restricts the usage since it mostly supports Microsoft technologies.
  • Windows hosting is also considerably costlier not only because of proprietary software but also due to the fact that windows servers are more expensive.
Benefits of Linux & Windows web hosting

Both linux and windows web hosting have their own list of benefits and it depends which hosting will suit a customer more. Linux hosting packages are beneficial for web hosting providers where Windows technologies are not being used and one needs a lot of versatility and flexibility. Linux supports a lot of other platforms such as PHP, pearl/CGI and can be adapted to different environments. There are many web hosting providers who offer linux reseller hosting since linux is free and anyone can download and start using it. In fact Linux hosting in India has become quite popular due to its strong and sturdy features.

Windows hosting is ideal for those who prefer working in Windows environment and mostly use Windows technologies and products. Windows hosting offers a platform that is easier to understand, however, it is not as robust, flexible and versatile as Linux.

You can find many website hosting providers who provide both hosting services. So it depends on you which hosting service you would like for your business.


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